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Today, I watched a short video from John Maxwell and reflected on it about the mortgage business. A lot of our business is about building trust with borrowers, delivering on those promises, and following through. In today’s market place, due to low rates and increased demand for loans, there are many challenges. May we continue to overcome the difficulties, close the loans to deliver on the promises, and continue to build trust.

John said in the short video:

How do I build trust with you?

  • by being consistent
  • by having my actions and my words match up
  • by being dependable
  • by being reliable
  • by being a person that puts your interests above mine
  • by being a person of my words
  • by following through

This is how trust is built. It takes a while. It takes a lot longer to build it than it does to destroy it. You can take a lifetime to build it, and you can, with a few stupid things, lose it very quickly.

Take the trust that you have, and intentionally today, do something that would make you even more trustworthy.

The greatest compliment anybody can give you is, “I can count on you.”